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To improve the way men think, feel, and act in their role as a cancer caregiver.

Who Are We?

Founded by MEN with extreme caregiving experiences, Jack's doesn't have time to get bogged down in red tape. Living a life that revolves around CANCER, in many ways, forces you to live life one scan at a time. We have carried this sense of urgency over to how we SERVE our community. Our programming is INNOVATIVE, in that we aren't afraid to fail. When designing a new EXPERIENCE, we don't ask what could go wrong; we ask what could go right. These experiences are grounded in HOSPITALITY, and so we are constantly striving to improve what we do. The men we serve live their lives selflessly in inhospitable conditions. They deserve WORLD-CLASS service, and a COMMUNITY that is willing to rally around them as the heroes they are.



Kyle Woody

He forgot to ever look at his altimeter the only time he ever jumped out of a plane.  Luckily the dude strapped to him remembered to pull his cord.  He hopes that if either of his sons ever sky dive they'll remember to pull their own cords. 

He grew up in Texas, a baseball playing sharp shooting band nerd unaware that the US border was north of Oklahoma.  Now he lives in Minneapolis working out almost everyday because he drinks too much craft beer. And by working out he means walking on a treadmill his arms flailing to the ultimate work out jam, "Work Bitch" by Brittany Spears.

Justin Nicolay

Boats, beer, bikes and Star Trek? Sounds like a hell of a party, right?! What else would a MN'n with a wife and son do for fun on a Saturday night? I guess skiing and shoveling snow should be in there too. Jack's, to me, is about being the change I want to see in the world. That means helping people less familiar with the lake know where the shallows are so they don't bend their prop or sink. That means sharing a beer with a friend and talking about how the world just ain't right sometimes - and they get it. That means continuing to pedal that tandem bike when your partner is "exhausted" and they aren't going to help you up that really steep hill. Live long and prosper.

Dustin Cesarek

Grew up in Vegas. Fell in love in North Carolina. With roots here in Minnesota, he only wishes that the summers were longer and the snows a bit heavier. He's as humble as he is handsome, and has made it his life's mission to change to world for the better.

A man of few words, unless he's talking about himself. A soon-to-be law student. He's not only the resident cook in his household, but he also washes the dishes - and by hand when need be! To top it off, he lets his five year old pick out his socks for him in the morning, meaning that he regularly wears socks that have capes on them... with shorts.