Our Vision

Jack’s Caregiver Coalition exists because we recognize the gap in support for caregivers. Also, as men, we understand the difficulties that ego and pride can create for us. And so what we hope to build is simple: a community for male caregivers.

Our Mission

To connect people, create spaces, and deliver experiences that help men improve the way they think, feel, and act in their role as a caregiver.

Our Values

We are committed to serving male caregivers with the same devotion that they serve their loved ones. In carrying out this mission, we also commit to:

-Promote empathy as a means of building awareness of the struggles of all caregivers.

-Recognize that though caregivers come from a diversity of backgrounds and experiences, that their struggles are common and can be more easily overcome together.

-Promote respect to those who carry this burden as we strive to transform their lives from ones of solitude to ones of communal support.

-Promote the generosity of caring hearts so that caregivers can focus on being better husbands, fathers, and friends.

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