Everyone knows that cancer sucks.

Some get to experience this on a much more personal level, as they care for a spouse, child, or parent, with the disease.

It can upset our lives in every way, but it is also merely a circumstance. We don’t have to be defined or hindered by this circumstance. We can embrace our new perspective and champion our own cause – so that we may care better for our families, for ourselves, and ultimately live a more fulfilling life within the midst of cancer.

How We Serve

coffee meet


Available On Demand

One-on-one, man-to-man – When you need some empathy, some understanding, and maybe a little perspective from a guy whose been in your shoes

We can’t help if you don’t ask – email us to schedule

coffee meet


Thursday, October 13th

These social opportunities are about breaking routine, getting out of the house, and reminding guys that in order to be the best caregiver he can be, he needs time to unwind and recharge.

Keep an eye out for upcoming opportunities



As Needed

Whether it is raking leaves, painting a shed, or moving furniture, our volunteers aim to ease what burdens we may so that the caregiver can focus on the more important things.

Have a project in mind? Let us know how we can help

Ultimate Golf Experience


Ultimate Golf Experience – June

Fishing w/ Jack’s – Aug 27th

Hunting w/ Jack’s – Oct 9th

Self-care at its finest! Opportunities to reconnect with hobbies/interest lost since becoming a caregiver

Have an idea for an event? Share and help us make it happen!

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