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HERE’S THE DEAL. We’re guys. We’re not exactly big on admitting when we need help. Even to ourselves. And you better friggin’ believe the last thing any self-respecting male feels comfortable doing is opening up about his feelings. Hey, we totally get that. We’ve been in your shoes. We know what it’s like to care for someone with cancer. Some of us are doing it right now. And if there’s one thing we’ve learned, it’s that caregivers could sometimes use a little care themselves. So let's connect and figure out what that means for you. Things won’t get awkward. Promise.

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Get connected to a guy whose been in your shoes. You might laugh together, cry together, or just grab a coffee or some beers and, well, shoot the shit.

Meet up with other guys who've been there, done that. No agenda - only good food and good company.

Oh, and the meal is on us.

Whatever the activity, these events are designed to be all-inclusive. A day to relax and be celebrated for how awesome you are. You deserve it.

Having trouble with your honey-do list? Let us mobilize our volunteers to serve you and your family. You need to focus on what's important.

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Give us your time...

  • Be an ambassador in the community.
  • Help design high-quality experiences for the men we serve.
  • Lend us a hand on low-skill support projects by joining JACK'S CREW.


  • Become a servant leader in our community.
  • Apply your skills/knowledge to help Jack's grow.
  • Help fill the gap in caregiver support services.


Let's face it - you got it; we need it.

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